Monday, December 29, 2008

Cleaning Our Closets

We are cleaning out closets. Organizing. Getting rid of what we don't need anymore. Making things simple. This is what we love to do after Christmas, between rounds of holiday company, in celebration of the New Year. (Am I allowed to blog with conversational grammar?)

It feels so good to start the New Year with everything in order. It keeps my mind healthy. Less clutter = less stress. Less stress for mama = happy days for the kids.

I certainly don't expect you to jump on our bandwagon. I'm just sharing what we do around this time of year. If you do chose to bring in the New Year in like manner, I'll make a few suggestions.

1. Start with your easiest closet. You'll feel a sense of accomplishment sooner, and you'll be inspired to move through the next closet.
2. Don't bite off more than you can chew, which I always do. This could be disastrous. You'll have to call in reinforcements. Hopefully, they'll be on your bandwagon.
3. Think about the zone that causes you the most stress. Come up with an organizational strategy that will work for the long run. Keeping this hot spot in order all year will be enormously beneficial. It's worth coming up with an effective strategy.
4. Let the kid's help in organizing their things. If they help get it all in order, they will understand the order and be much more likely to return things to order.
5. Don't bite off more than you can chew. It's worth saying again. You don't want de-stressing your life to be stressful. Just focus on what would make the biggest difference.

I hope that you have a Happy New Year, full of hopeful thoughts for your next year.

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Brandy said...

wonderful idea. Love when you said Less clutter = less stress. Less stress for mama = happy days for the kids. So true! I always encourage the children to reorganize with me as I do believe it teaches them to put items back in that place when done with them. I think I do this every month though, not every new year as it seems we all get unorganized again by end of month.