Monday, November 17, 2008

So what is health anyway?

I want to help you. I want to provide good information in order to encourage you to make informed decisions about your health. Really, our kids depend on us to lay a healthy foundation for their future. It's up to us to create healthy habits that will serve them as they grow independent.

But, first things first. What is health anyway? This is a pivotal question. We have to answer it before we can make sound decisions about which health trends to follow and which to leave behind.

First, let us look at the miraculous design of our body. Did you know that our bodies have over 4 trillion cells? Some scientists estimate there to be as many as 4 times that amount! That is a huge number!

Now, did you know that these cells are continuously reproducing? The skin cells that you have today you will not have in seven days. You will completely regenerate a new layer of skin! Some cells take longer to reproduce than skin and blood cells. For example some cells like bone cells take nearly seven years. Every day, our cells are hard at work copying themselves! In an adult’s life, all the cells in a body are entirely new after seven years! For a child, it is as short as one single year.

Where do these new cells come from? What are they made of? This is a very key thought. Cells need a consistent supply of building materials. Each new cell is made, according to the stored DNA, using vitamins, minerals, proteins and water. If a cell has these building materials accessible, it will regenerate itself as a vibrant, healthy cell. However, if some nutrients are absent, it will have to make a weaker version of itself.

Here is another key thought: Because of the amazing DNA coding, a weakened cell still has a blueprint to regenerate itself stronger, as long as the proper building materials are present! This is totally amazing. Think about it! We can, through poor diet and malnutrition, starve our cells and loose our vitality. Or, on the flipside, we can get healthier from year to year as we rebuild what has been weakened over time.

Without a doubt, I am healthier today, four babies later, than I was ten years ago. I think this is amazing – definitely worth sharing!

May I be so bold as to ask where your body is headed? Will you through a solid foundation of nutrition provide your cells with ample building materials? Are you ready to find out what steps you can take to improve your health? It all starts with thinking on the cellular level.

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