Monday, January 5, 2009

Purpose-Driven Blogging

All truth be told, my time to contemplate New Year's Resolutions, New Goals, or really anything at all has been slim. It's been a very eventful few weeks for our family. However, I have at least been able to consider my purposes in the activities I give my time to. I figure, at the very minimum, I should question whether or not I am filling my time wisely. Maybe in the future I will be able to delineate some more specific goals, but for now I'll have to content myself with reduced reflection time.

So, I asked, why am I starting this blog? Here's how I answered myself:

"Remember ten years ago when you were newly married, expecting a baby, and totally inept when it came to pulling together any nourishment for your budding family? You had the time to read, read, read. You had the time to experiment in the kitchen and evaluate all sorts of ideas and theories. You started making healthy changes when you had TIME. What a unique situation you were in! This is simply not the case for most women today who want to help their families become healthier."

Do you find yourself wanting to learn, but unable to invest huge chunks of time in research? My purpose in blogging is to write down what I have learned in concise, readable bits. This way you can learn without the stress of doing it all at once. I hope that you can use what I write to increase your understanding of wellness and to make small changes in your family's habits. Small changes add up over time. My purpose is to encourage, inspire and educate -- day by day and bit by bit.

That being said, TIME is something I do not have a lot of ten years later. That was a luxury of the past, for which I am very thankful. So, while I really want to be blogging all the time, I can only blog after being faithful to my other daily purposes. Thanks for understanding my time constraints! And thanks for checking back and reading often! And, as always, I really appreciate your comments and emails; hearing back from you reminds me this IS a two-way communication.


jturley said...

I am so thankful to have you as a friend and educator AE! You are a God sent blessing! ;-)

JJ_West said...

I'm lovin' the bite-sized pieces of info for illiterates! It is like "Nutrition for Dummies" (without making me feel so dumb). Thanks!

(And I just have to say that my secret word is "impoloot" - where do they come up with these things!?)