Tuesday, December 2, 2008

As long as we're talking about scientific studies!

In watching a DVD presentation by Healthy Child Healthy World two years ago, I heard the most significant, most critical clinical finding I have heard reported. As parents, we just have to stop and think about the implications of this:

Dr Alan Greene of Stanford University School of Medicine took samples of umbilical cord blood from babies at the time of birth to see what they had been exposed to before birth. He found an average of 200 modern industrial and commercial chemicals coursing through the newborns' blood.

Remember my previous post in which I said only 20% of the chemicals introduced in the last 30 years have been tested for their effects on our health! And, remember that none of them have been tested in conjunction with one another as they were found in the newborns' blood!

I know that sentence had two exclamation points in it. And, I can get pretty excited about how chemicals are totally disrupting our children's endocrine systems... AND, I also know that we can't live in bubbles. However, we owe it to our children to do what we can. Which is why the Blue Butterfly Program is so useful... and which is why I will soon be posting Part Three of Children and Cleaning Chemicals so that you can see what I do here in our home.

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