Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Okay, I admit it. Creating health for your family is hard work. It would definitely be easier to take short cuts that aren't so healthy. There are times when the short cuts have to be taken, but we need to work on creating healthy habits that become just a part of what we do. Until things become habit, they seem like work.

I have chosen to give the gift of health to my children (and to my grandchildren through them!) and that will require some diligence on my part. I guess that is just part of the choice. Be encouraged! It is worth it!

I was sent this proverb earlier today. I think it is very appropriate to our topic...
The best time to plant a tree
is twenty years ago.
The second best time is now.
We could bemoan all the poor health choices we've made in the past. But that wouldn't help matters one bit. We just move forward. The second best time is now! It takes time to see health develop, just like it takes time for a tree to flourish. It takes time, so get started now!


Tranquil Places said...

I love the proverb. It was very inspirational and I like the fact that you are sharing this with others. We are on this earth together and we must take care of not only ourselves, but our planet

George Uriah said...

I really love the proverb. Where did you find it?