Monday, December 1, 2008

Over the Counter Children's Medications

I spent a very nice Thanksgiving holiday with family. Since our holidays are full of energetic children, we often converse about the different issues facing children, their education, their health, their hearts... Well, our conversation this time included warnings about children's over the counter medications for things like cold, flu, fever and such. I have been very wary about these symptom relievers and their ability to aid our children's immune system. Some of my family members had very interesting input on the dangers. I came home with the hope of finding some information about our suspicions. And, interestingly enough, I had an email about this very topic waiting for me when I got home!

Here's a quick excerpt:
"Pediatricians groups are urging the government to demand a recall of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines for children younger than 6. The effectiveness of the medicines in children was never proved, critics say, and problems with the drugs send thousands of kids to the emergency room every year. “When treatment is ineffective, its risks – unless zero – always exceed its benefits.” Dr. Michael Shannon of Children’s Hospital in Boston told the FDA PANEL."

As I mentioned before, I want to post some strategies for keeping your children's immune systems at their peak. We need to work proactively in preparing them to handle the bugs they come into contact with so that there is little to no need for the symptom relievers.

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Green Mahma said...

Amy Ellen,

Great information. Our pediatrician warned us years ago about cough medicines. We were fortunate to use Dr. Denmark, the oldest pediatrician (103 yrs at the time). She said it could lead to pneumonia because it relaxes the esophagus and the children drink and get liquid in their lungs.

Amy Ellen Kise said...

Thanks for this interesting comment, Green Mahma! I have heard a lot about Dr. Denmark.