Monday, January 25, 2010

Your Questions Answered -- How Can I Afford All These Supplements?

Today I'm going to address another frequently asked question. How can we afford all the high-quality Shaklee vitamins we take? We are a single-income family of seven. And my husband is not in a very lucrative career. I am very thankful for his hard work and his modest income! So where do we get the money for our supplements?

The short answer is: Shaklee gives it to me. The long answer is:
There are three ways to buy Shaklee supplements.
  1. You can purchase them at retail price.
  2. You can join as a member ($2o for a lifetime membership) and purchase Shaklee products at a 15% discount.
  3. You can be a distributor. As a distributor you can tell people about the Shaklee products and sponsor them as a member in your group. As your group business volume increases, so does the monthly bonus check that Shaklee sends you.
  4. (There is a fourth way to get involved with Shaklee for those who are interested in building a business fast.)

In my case, I joined Shaklee with a goal of earning a monthly bonus check. I told two friends about how I loved their products. That first month, we (me plus those two friends) bought enough products to put my business volume at a bonus check level. That montly bonus check has been steadily increasing ever since, as I continue to tell more people and as those I sponsor continue to tell their peeps.

The excellent part is that I have invested very little time in this "project" (especially over the last year when my pregnancy slowed me down and I chose to give more time to family pursuits), yet I still receive a monthly bonus check. The check is enough every month for all our family's supplements, cleaning products and personal care products -- plus the overage makes up our bulk food budget. So, Shaklee gives me the money to cover my purchases, plus some.

For more details on why we chose to buy Shaklee products over every other nutritional products on the ever-growing market, you can read My Personal Health Journey and my series on "What Is Health Anyway?" (Part I, Part II, Part III).

That's the long and the short of it. I am truly thankful that we have this blessing in our lives!

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kristilea said...

Thanks for sharing this. I want to use the Shakley vitamins so bad. I'm going to give it to prayer and keep this information you gave in mind. I love their cleaning products, and won't use anything else!