Monday, December 15, 2008

Cleaning Your Shower with Ease

Note: I published this before I knew about the great Works for Me Wednesday link-up at WeAreThatFamily. I am republishing it today because it is my all time favorite tip for making a hard thing easier. Hope it works for you too!

I'm thinking about blogging a Mom's Tip of the Week each Monday. I'm thinking each tip would have to:
1. Make our families healthier
2. Make our budget happy
3. Make life easier for busy moms like me.

Does this sound like something you would benefit from? If so, comment to let me know this is something you'd like me to develop.

Here's my tip for this fabulously winterish Monday: Cleaning Your Shower with Ease

Cleaning the shower does not have to be a daunting task. Your shower can stay clean in just five to ten minutes a week. Really. It works well for me.

I don't have an extra five minutes in the morning every day of the week, but on Saturdays I can usually extend my shower by five minutes. It couldn't be more simple. I spray the shower just a few minutes before getting in. Then, take my spray bottle and a microfiber scrubbie into the shower with me. I wipe down the walls and shelves with the scrubbie; give the shower door a wipe down; then give the floor of the shower a quick scrub. It takes me just five extra minutes. As I get out of the shower, I dry off the chrome with a microfiber cloth so that it leaves everything shiny.

Would this work with any cleaning product? Probably not. This cleaning product is especially good at dissolving soap scum or anything else that accumulates in a week's time.

Would this be doable with a commercial cleaning product brand? Absolutely not. You don't want the chemical fumes wafting through the warm, moist air into your lungs. It has be a healthy cleaning product because of the skin contact as well.

Would this work as fast with a regular sponge? Probably not. A microfiber cloth grabs the dirt and scum much more efficiently.

What about my budget? One bottle of this powerful AND green cleaning product will make the equivalent of over 400 bottles of shower cleaner. I've been using the same bottle for over two years now. And the microfiber cloths can be thrown into the washing machine and used over and over and over.

What about if you're starting with a really, really dirty shower? I suggest spending a longer time scouring the shower with another totally safe product. Then, maintain the clean with just five minutes a week as I described above.

You'll never dread cleaning the shower again!

The rest of the bathroom? Well, it can take just five minutes too... if you have a six year old boy swish out the toilet and clean it with a safe disinfecting wipe, an eight year old girl wipe down the counter and clean the mirror, and a three year old girl shine things up with her own microfiber cloth. Okay, so it took me quite a while to teach the kids cleaning skills. I guess I have to factor that in when I calculate the five minutes it takes us now. The rest of the bathroom wasn't always this easy : )


Carla Clayton said...

Love this post. This is what I do too. The green cleaning product makes all the difference.

Diane Campbell said...


I'm enjoying your articles. We do this to in our household. I won't bring anything in that causes harmful vapors or skin irritation.


AutumnFawn said...

I love green cleaning, too, in fact my post is about an all natural product as well--Lavender--my favorite!

Thanks for the great, green tip!

Eliza Welch said...

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