Monday, February 9, 2009

Why "Health Begins With Mom?"

I hope that you all had a very nice weekend with your loved ones! I don't know what things are like where you are, but here in GA we've been having totally dreamy weather. Our family spent a huge portion of the weekend outside... and it's a good thing because the sunny weather isn't going to last. Side note: children today get dramatically less Vitamin D than in past centuries because they spend so little time outdoors. Vitamin D is a crucial player in our Immune Response. So, get your kids outside whenever the weather allows!

Besides enjoying my kids' antics outside, this weekend I was also thinking about blogging. I am a very purposeful person. I wrote about my blogging intentions here. But, I don't think I've ever explained my title. Why do I describe this blog by calling it "Health Begins With Mom?"

Have you ever considered what an influential position we are in as nurturers of our family? Even though some men love to create delicious fare in the kitchen... even though some husbands do the grocery shopping... For the most part, it is the woman of the home who makes a meal plan, does the shopping and cooks most of the meals. Food selection and preparation can be considered a chore. It can also be a challenge with budgetary and time constraints. In this blog, I'd like to help you see it as a blessed privilege. And I'd like to give you some useful knowledge, tools and ideas to help you bless your family with health.

We are in a position to build our family up in strength, health and vitality. Especially for our children, we have the opportunity to lay a foundation of health that they will build securely on in future days. This is a privileged position! Health does begin with mom.

Am I saying that we hold the power of life and death? Nope. Am I saying that health should become a household idol? Nope again. But I am saying that as wives and mothers, whether we work in or out of the home, we can give the gift of health to those we love. And, to be cliche', health is a gift that keeps on giving : )

Do you think of your place as wife and mother as a sacred calling? Do you see the unique value of being in this nurturing position? Come along side me and let us set about this calling vigorously!

Thank you Lori, for this wonderful Word Picture.


lori said...

You know I am with you...HEALTH does begin with mom! I tell my husband that I can't wait for the first spring day...(we are in acworth!) The kids get out and SLEEP so well because of the air and the movement and the Vitamin D!!

I so wish it would stay like this ALL YEAR!


noel2momof3 said...

The kids are outside right now! Yeah!!!! after all the dreary days, this feels great. Since most husbands work away from the home, it becomes the mom's job to watch what their kids are eating (and what they're eating themselves) Thanks for all the knowledge you're putting out there!!!

Mrs.KAOS said...

Hi Amy Ellen,
Thank you for noticing; I doing much better! I had a bit of Bronchitis and writer's block. And to get rejuvenated after it all DH and I went to Connecticut to visit my Grandparents at their farm. They don't have the internet, and until recently no cable either.

ServinGsus said...

I tell moms this all the time; we set the tone for our entire family and they really do copy our lifestyle habits. I'm glad you stopped by my blog so I could find yours =)

Mrs. Querido said...

I so agree with your post here!

And thank you for the reminder that I am in a very influential position. Sometimes it is easy to forget that amidst the laundry, housework and teaching.

MaryBeth said...

I just wanted to stop in to tell you how glad I am to have found your blog. I'm a blessed mom to 4 little girls, and I'm trying to take baby steps toward improving the health of my family through the foods that I serve. Looking forward to reading lots here in my spare time!

Brittany said...

I just found your blog and I have spent entirely too much time today reading it. : ) So much great information here! You sound like a woman after my own heart and the name of your site is perfect. I will be back again and again!