Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So What Is Health, Anyway -- Part III

This is Part Three in a series of thoughts. Please read Part One and Part Two of "So What Is Health, Anyway" before reading this post.

In the two previous posts, we have established that:
1. Health begins at the cellular level. When a cell has adequate building materials (vitamins, minerals, proteins, water) it can reproduce itself, based on the stored DNA blueprint, as a vibrant and healthy cell. Healthy cells = healthy tissues = healthy organs = healthy systems = healthy YOU.
2. On the flipside, if the proper building materials are not there, that cell will make a weakened version of itself.
3. HOWEVER, the DNA is still in place and the weakened cell can, with the proper nutrients, replace itself with a vibrant, healthy cell.
4. In our modern world, diet alone is not sufficient to supply our cells with these necessary building materials.
5. We must use supplements.

But aren't supplements dangerous? I mean, haven't you read the news lately! The contaminations alone are astonishing!

Yes, we do have to choose very carefully. Before taking any supplement, do some research. Ask these three questions of EVERY company you buy from:

1. What are your standards for purity? Can you show me evidence of raw ingredient testing, manufacturing standards testing AND final product testing for purity?
2. What guarantee do you have that what is on the label is actually in the bottle, post-manufacturing? Do you run end-product potency testing?
3. What peer-reviewed, scientific studies do you have to show that your product will actually perform the desired or advertised outcome?

I've done a lot of searching! I've done a lot of research! Like I mentioned before, I had the time to invest in making informed decisions. You may not have that kind of time, so I would like to help you out in telling you what I found.

Shaklee is the only company I have found that answers the questions I have listed above. In fact, you don't have to make phone calls, write letters, or chase down knowledgeable people to find them. (Such has been the case in trying to find out information from other companies.) The following is what they post on their webpage, and they have the documentation to back all these claims up.

A health and nutrition leader since 1956, Shaklee continues to champion solid, scientifically backed product choices rather than "risky" trends. Shaklee has invested over $250 million in exhaustive product research and development, and clinical trials. Each year, approximately 83,000 laboratory and quality assurance tests are performed on nutritional products and their ingredients alone! Shaklee products are the result of a painstaking process of scientific review and assessment of third-party research and independent clinical studies by our expert Health Sciences group. Shaklee also consults a Scientific Advisory Board, a team of nationally recognized scientists from some of America's leading academic and medical institutions. Each product must perform to a standard of excellence. Each product must deliver the correct dosage of key ingredients, based on clinical research. Each product must start with the finest raw materials and be formulated to deliver consistently. Shaklee utilizes the best nature and science can provide. That means no shortcuts.

Bottom line best thing about Shaklee: they have a 100% money back guarantee! They've done their testing. They know their products perform. They back it with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

I share all this with you because I know how frustrating it can be to find good supplements. I went through years of searching and I hope my findings will benefit you as well! I will post soon about my personal experience with expensive but ineffective supplements...

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busymomof10 said...

I've learned a lot from reading on your blog today! This is Good Stuff! :) Well Written and Well Researched too! Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Just had to add that my word verification for entering this comment is "ingest." How funny is that? LOL!