Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday Night Meals

When I was growing up, my parents always fed us popcorn for supper on Sunday nights. There may have been several reasons for our family practice. But, I really only remember one. I remember my parents saying it was good for us to not be full -- that millions of people around the world would go to bed feeling hungry.

Sometime in the beginning of our marriage, my husband and I adopted this practice as well. We made just popcorn for a few years, but with pregnancies and such, we added a smoothie to the menu. For the last six or seven years, we have had popcorn and smoothie on Sunday nights.

It is certainly nice to have a night free of cooking and clean up. And, this simple meal really helps the weekly budget. But more than that, we are teaching our children a concept that is often missed here in America. We don't have to be full.

I don't know if this practice would fit your family. I share it because I can see how it has benefited my children. We all do well with a weekly reminder that we eat to live rather than live to eat.

On a side note: we also have a Frugal Dinner night on Wednesdays. This meal consists of beans, rice or cornmeal in some very simple arrangement. Including the leftovers, this meal usually costs around three dollars for our family of six. We're saving money that can be spent wisely elsewhere, but we are also teaching our children that not every meal has to be totally scrumptious and filling.


Anonymous said...

My family would totally go for popcorn meal night! We grew our own popcorn one year and it was the best stuff. I think we're growing it again this year, voles willing. :>

Sharon said...

What a good idea especially the moral behind it. I'm all for frugal meals. I've been feeding a lot of guests and a couple of temporary family boarders lately. I'll take all the ideas I can get.

noel2momof3 said...

Popcorn and smoothies - cool! Growing up I can't remember being slap full after any meals except Thanksgiving and Christmas, now it's every night or used to be. We've been watching our portions and watching our food bill go down. Saving money with smaller portions has allowed us to buy better ingredients :)

Anonymous said...

Strange how we came to the same place without trying. Of course, Sunday is my free day so our dinner is popcorn and ice cream. At least I make up for it the other six days. Love you, g

busymomof10 said...

you make a good point!