Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thinking Ahead to Valentine's Day

You know I'm all about healthy treats... especially if they are simple. So, I thought I would share our Valentine's tradition. Besides making lovely cards and doing special acts of service for one another, we make Chocolate Covered Strawberries for dessert! Very simple, I know. But isn't it the simple things that give us the most joy?

Each year, we melt a small pan of really nice dark chocolate. The healthy kind, not the kind with fractionated oils. The kids take turns dipping fresh strawberries and laying them on wax paper. We put them out on a special plate after supper. Pure enjoyment.

Is that too simple of a celebration? It is one of our favorites... one that we look forward to every year. That makes it a successful holiday in my book.

I'll post a photo of our results this weekend!


The Happy Housewife said...

Great idea. So simple, yet yummy and a fun project too.

avagdro said...

Thank you Amy Ellen for sharing.Simply superb way of delicious celebrations.Have a great Valentine's Day ahead.

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