Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ten Simple Steps to Reduce Body Burden: Step Ten

The grand finale...

Step number ten in reducing the accumulation of toxins in your body:

10. When buying new stuff for your home, focus on green products, especially mattresses and carpets.

I could put a link list here containing sources for green products. But, Sloan Barnett already compiled them all into a handy dandy appendix in her book. It is quite long... and quite worth the cost of the book. If you are purchasing new things for your home, for a baby's nursery or for your children's rooms, please consider patronizing the businesses in Sloan's book. They'll thank you, Sloan will thank you for purchasing her book... and your body will thank you for choosing something green over something that adds to your body burden.

Now that we have covered ten ideas for reducing your body burden, make sure to mesh a few into your life. It doesn't help just reading about it : ) What things will you change for your future health AND for your children's future health. Comment and let me know your thoughts!

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