Monday, February 2, 2009

Ten Simple Steps to Reduce Body Burden: Step Eight

Along the same lines as getting rid of plastic storage containers, Step Eight calls for getting rid of plastic water bottles.

8. Make a vow to stop buying bottled water—NOW.

Yes, tap water is full of VOCs, microbes and even heavy metals. Yes, we need to drink purified water. For a long time, the craze has been to get this purer water from soda companies in nice, prepackaged bottles. Seems like a good thing, but evidence is mounting against this solution to the pure water question.

I mentioned in step seven about the toxic chemicals that plastics exude. Well, when water sits in a plastic bottle on the store shelf for an extended time, you can bet that water is full of chemicals leached out of its plastic enclosure. And, these toxins add to our Body Burden. We're looking for simple ways to reduce body burden... and ending our bottled water consumption is simple and easy.

You could do one of two things instead of buying bottled water.

Either you can buy a water filter pitcher to keep in your fridge at all times. Or you can purchase a water filtration system. Both present an up front cost, but both will save money in buying water bottles as the months rolls on. The benefit in purchasing a water filtration system over a pitcher is that you will have enough pure water for cooking as well. (Note on both of these products: Shaklee’s BestWater Pitcher AND MTS 2000 Water Filter were both rated #2 by Consumer Reports.)

We've done a lot of research in selecting our water filtration system. After lots of consideration, this is the water filter our family uses.

Once you've chosen how to purify your tap water, drink out of glasses when you're at home. When you're out, take your water with you in Stainless Steel Bottles.

And, while we're talking about water... have you had a glass today? Drink to your health!


Carla Clayton said...

Amy Ellen,
I started filtering my water with the Shaklee MTS water system over 15 years ago. At that time, I couldn't stand to drink water. But once I started filtering it, I learned that I really did like water. Now it is the primary beverage for me. My children were raised drinking only water at home and they were very healthy. Great article.

Peggy said...

I found your blog through my friend Marie - It looks great can't wait to have time to read more! I really struggle with the water thing. Our town uses chloramine to disinfect and there is no system made that takes it out. I started buying Kirkland brand bottled water b/c the water is from a protected well and they don't use BPA in their bottles - so maybe not the best, but better than my other alternatives. I so wish they would make a filter for chloramine!!!