Thursday, February 26, 2009

Make Pita Chips!

We love Pita Chips! Really, these will disappear FAST in our house. Buying prepared Pita Chips at the store can be costly. Prepared chips can also contain added preservatives, MSG or unhealthy fats. Isn't this is the case with most prepackaged foods? Don't despair! You can make them healthier and cheaper at home. And making Pita Chips happens to be really simple. If you love recipes that your children can do solo, this is one of them!

To make Pita Chips, first cut a bag of pitas into chip-size pieces. We use whole wheat pitas that have no added sugar or preservatives. You could even make your own if you're feeling ambitious. Place the pieces back in the bag.

Drizzle the pieces with 2-3 Tablespoons of EVOO (that's extra virgin olive oil), and sprinkle generously with AE's Seasoning Salt (scroll down this link for the how-to).

Hold the top of the bag closed and shake vigorously until all the chip pieces are coated with EVOO and seasoning salt. All of my children love this part. Here Rainbow is taking her turn.
Bake at 350 degrees until the chips reach your desired crispiness. I guess they are technically supposed to be totally crispy, but we like a few soft spots.

We slice some apples and carrots and make a meal out of pita chips... a really cheap meal considering that I can find the pitas on sale for $1 a bag. (Rule of thumb: buy all you can and keep them in the freezer!) Or, if you're having company, they make a delicious appetizer with hummus.


Anonymous said...

Mmm...we love pita chips, but have only made it once ourselves. Thanks for the reminder to do it again! Your recipe is so easy too; it's perfect.

noel2momof3 said...

That sounds good! we'll have to try that :)

noelle said...

ooo, sounds yummy. I've been making my own pitas and this would be a great way to use the last few that get left over.

Xazmin said...

These sound fabulous! I can't wait to try them!

Also - I've made my big announcement so be sure to stop by!

Jenny86753oh9 said...

Sounds delicious and easy to do with the kids (a plus!) Can't wait to try it this weekend.

noelle said...

made some today with cinnamon and sugar. mmmm

two h's said...

i just had guacomole and tore bought pita chips- i'm excited you gave me a cheaper healthier option!