Friday, February 13, 2009

Organic Food Coupons!

I consider myself to be a very frugal person. With the Lord's help, we made it through my husband's grad school with no debt. At the time, we had two children and I was a stay at home mom. We've developed some pretty sparse spending habits. But we still buy high quality food... not necessarily expensive food. We look for ways to purchase nutrient-dense food with as much economy as possible.

I've had a thought wheeling through my head all week after conversing about "investing in health" with a friend on Monday. We were comparing our health to a new car. You see, when we own a new car, we take care of it so that it will run smoothly for miles and miles. We don't want the inconvenience of taking it in to the shop, and we don't want to pay for repair bills. So we change the oil on time, we listen to noises that signal something under the hood needs attention, and, of course, we put gas in it. We would never think of putting water in our car's gas tank... even if it does cost significantly less!

Can you see the analogy? Our health is like that new car. If our bodies are going to perform smoothly for years to come, we need to take care of the maintenance now. We don't ignore the signs and symptoms. Just like with our new car, we pay attention to maintenance so that we can avoid costly major repairs in the future. We need to feed our bodies high quality nutrients! We don't skimp and give our bodies something unfit for fuel just because it is cheaper. Health is an investment!

All that said, over the next weeks I'll try to share some of my tips for eating well on a budget. Here's a simple first installment...

For any of you who shop at health food stores or the natural food sections of your grocery store, you may want to check out this website. You can sign up to receive free coupon booklets in the mail, or you can print coupons directly from their site. All of the coupons are for natural/organic foods. I haven't followed the site for long, but the coupons seem to be updated regularly. So, check back often for new coupons or follow them on twitter to be updated on new postings.

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