Thursday, July 9, 2009

Your Questions Answered... Balance and Weight Loss

Today I am going to address a question that comes from BusyMomOf10 from yes.they're.all.ours. She writes:

"I have a question for you. With all the conflicting information out there, proper nutrition for health and also for weight loss is so confusing! I'm just wondering what your take is on eating for weight loss. I just discovered (on your blog) that using Splenda contributes to weight gain not loss!! Who would have thunk it? LOL! So, how do I balance it all out -- eating for health, for weight loss, and also eating frugally, and not spending my entire life in the kitchen??!!??!!"

Balance is elusive, I find. Some weeks I feel like I am always in the kitchen. Some weeks I think I'm so far behind in my goals since I am not in the kitchen all week. Bottom line is that we do the best we can with the resources we have.

One important key is to do what you can for your family without comparing your family to other families. Each of us have different resources of time, money and kitchen help. Prayerfully do your best! And remember that ultimately we are only stewards, and not "Lords," over our bodies.

Honestly, I don't have a lot of experience with weight loss except for two scenarios. First, I finished college with an extra 30 pounds that I needed to shed. And second, I have had baby weight to lose after each delivery. With each of these times, I didn't use any of the popular diet prescriptions. Instead, I just ate according to What the Bible Says About Healthy Living, which is our basic model for what we eat anyway.

The three guiding principles from the book are:

1. Eat what God made

2. Eat it as close to how God made it as possible

3. Everything in moderation

I have blogged about this topic here and here. With these three principles, and proper exercise, the weight came off naturally. One drawback I see in the popular diets is that it is very difficult to follow a plan that your family is not following. However, eating God's way is something we all should be doing, even if we as the mom are eating less in order to lose weight.

I am certainly not saying that weight loss is simple. On the contrary, I know that it can be a very grueling process. But, I still think it is very important to follow God's plan for eating when we are trying to lose weight. If I had to suggest a weight loss diet, I would recommend the following:

  • Eat nothing artificial.
  • Eat everything in moderation.
  • Eat as much fresh, raw foods as possible.
  • Exercise diligently so that you do not lose muscle and thereby lower your metabolism.
  • Don't give up no matter how long it takes.
  • And, if you really want a program to follow, consider substituting this healthy weight loss shake for a meal or two each day. This program is the only "diet" that I find isn't full of artificial ingredients or other disordered eating habits. It includes a high-quality nutrition supplement that supports muscle preservation, maintains steady energy and prevents unwanted cravings.
Persevere! Permanent changes don't come easy... whether it is weight loss or just changing dietary habits. But it is worth it. Maintaining an ideal body weight reduces countless health risks. Keep pressing on.


Noel said...

So absolutely right! Throw in a good walk a few times a week and the pounds don't stand a chance. I love that cookbook by the way.

busymomof10 said...

Thanks so much for tackling my question on your blog today! I thought you did a great job with a difficult question. You have given me "food for thought."

kristilea said...

I have been on diet after diet and by body has really suffered from it. I got the book you mentioned and then I got the cookbook. This is the best my body has ever felt. The weight is coming off slowly, but that's the way it's supposed to if you are doing it the healthy way...I'm really not dieting, I'm eating the way God would have me to in order to take care of His temple and to be healthy for my family! Thank you so much for mentioning that book a while ago!

Amy Ellen said...

Hi Kristilea,

I am so pleased to hear how the book has benefited you! Thank the Lord for His wisdom in His precious word!

Thanks for your comment... and be encouraged to press on!
Amy Ellen

Kathryn said...

Thank you for sharing this! Such good sense & so many of us need to hear it or be reminded. :)

Martha said...

That's right, I want to eat food that I can practically grow in my backyard. There's nothing more natural and healthy than that! I used to buy piles of boxed food from Costco :o) now I'm learning how to buy food that does not have a one-year expiration date LOL

health said...

Hi Amy,

I enjoyed reading your post... I thought you had some good points there and I agree with you in saying moderation.. I am always telling my kids to eating xyz is o.k in moderation... Thanks for the info..

Weight Loss News said...

Hi Amy,

I think you are doing a great job, thanks for the great read I agree weight loss in most cases is a grueling process, but can be over come with the right mind set and abit of commitment... I also think god's plan for eating is great guide for health