Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Florida Orange Juice

There are some things that we can buy organic. And there are some things that we can't. It's all about budgetary constraints and choosing wisely. Since we have to be selective, we want buy organic when it matters most... the items that would contain the highest concentration of toxins if purchased conventionally.

Orange Juice is one of those products that can contain an higher concentration of pesticides. Why? Because most OJ comes from Central American countries where DDT and other American-banned pesticides are still used. So, when we buy a non-organic OJ, we are bringing home the pesticides.

I'll be the first to admit... organic OJ is pretty pricey. So, on this one, we have settled for the middle ground. We buy OJ from Florida Oranges. It may not be organic, but at least it complies with the FDA codes on excessive and previously outlawed chemicals.

This OJ works for me! For more Works For Me tips, visit We Are That Family.

Note: Florida's Natural did not compensate me for advertising their product. In fact, they don't even know I posted this! I only mention their brand because it is what we drink. Pretty simple, huh?

For your health,


Rachel R. said...

What a great tip! I do the same thing with grapes. Imported grapes are super-high in pesticides, but apparently domestic ones aren't (so much). So I try to avoid buying grapes until the store has American ones. It hadn't even occurred to me, though, to consider this for more "prepared" forms of produce. Thanks!

kristilea said...

I was unaware of this...thanks!