Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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Tonya said...

I would love that chicken nacho casserole recipe! No wonder you skipped out on pizza tonight - I would have, too!

Amy Ellen said...

Chicken Nacho Casserole --

Make a mixture of 2 c. shredded chicken, 1 c. salsa, 2 cans of beans or soaked beans, and 1 c. cottage cheese (yes, cottage cheese... it adds a creaminess without sour cream). Layer this with partially broken Non-GMO corn chips and cheese about three times. Bake until everything is heated through and melted.

I have made this with whole wheat tortillas instead of chips... I have also added corn and olives to the mixture. When I don't have salsa, I have used sauteed onions and peppers with tomatoes. I have even made this with little dices of squash or zucchini mixed in.

Hope you like it! It is a good pot luck meal since most kids love chips and cheese!

Martha said...

Do you have a twitter account? It'd be a dream to receive healthy updates from you! :D

Amy Ellen said...

Hi Martha!

Do I have a twitter account... arg... yes... arg... I do. I am so not good at updating... like it's been months. But, be my friend and I'll meet you there if I ever get back to it! My screename is

: ) ae