Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Making Comparisons

My sweet friend Tonya wrote a post entitled "Comparison is the Thief of Joy" last weekend. Isn't that so true? It's happened to me WAY too often!

Things are good when we are looking around objectively. We see other families and we say: "Yeah, that would be a good thing for our family. It's worth a try!" But things are not so good when we start comparing. We see the very same good things, and we say: "Oh no. I'm not doing it right." And joy is the first thing to go.

What's my point? I want to encourage you to think objectively about all the health information you see each day. Don't let it overwhelm you. Don't let it fill your heart with "Oh No's." Be realistic in your health goals. It is totally impossible to do it all at once. Totally impractical. However, we all have some learning to do. And we all can make helpful changes in our lives. The key is "one step at a time."

With each new recipe, with each new piece of information, consider if it is a reasonable next step for your family. If it is, tackle the change with gusto! If it isn't, let it go. And don't let yourself make comparisons.

I hope this blog gives you a fresh look at health without loading undue burdens on your already busy life. Some times in our lives call for drastic change. (I've been in a few of those and we did implement a lot of new things during those times.) Other times we just take baby steps. But either way, we want to keep learning.

Joy is an indicator of your focus. We have joy as we are following God's leading, but our hearts fill with worry and stress when we are following false expectations. Pay attention to your joy in the journey.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this entry, Amy! I really needed to hear that today! I all too often compare myself to others and you're right...it is stressful! It steals the joy. I also wanted to ask if the Brita water purifier pitchers really purify the water enough. We have lime scale in our water (I've had the water people come and test it and they said it was drinkable...with little granules of what looked like sand in it!). I refuse to drink the water and I don't let my family drink it. I don't even cook with it. I used the Brita to cook with and bottled water for drinking. I wasn't completely convinced that Brita filtered it well enough. I thought I'd see what you thought? Thanks, Stacey Daniel