Friday, July 17, 2009

What's Cooking -- July

Whew... July has been a crazy month so far... I guess it is obvious by the haphazard record of our meals. Summer is fun, but I do look forward to normalcy again! I am going ahead and posting this month's archive... maybe there is an idea worth coming back to.

July 13th:
Today I am toilet training little Tickle. I find that the whole process works so much better if the first day is really focused. So today, I am totally absorbed in watching my bare-bottomed little girl play on the linoleum.That being said, dinner will be simple tonight. Huge green salad. Leftover Super-Veggie-Spaghetti. And watermelon for those kids who have a hollow leg to fill with food.

July 9th:
The last two nights, we have had a Spinach Parmesan Quiche and White Chicken Chili from the freezer for supper.

I heard from a friend that you can grill cube steak. Really, I don't even know what cube steak is, but some of it came with my portion of our grass-fed cow. So, since I am trying to work more meat into my pregnancy diet, I am going to grill some cube steak tonight.

On the side, I'll steam some broccoli, slice some cucumbers and mash some potatoes.

July 6th:
After a holiday weekend full of extra cooking, I am very pleased that tonight is covered! I made an extra Chicken Nacho Casserole when I made one for a church pot luck yesterday. So tonight, all I have to do is toss a salad and I'm done. What amazing things will I get done instead of preparing supper tonight? I think I'll read to my kids ;-)

July 3rd:
Tonight I am roasting three chickens again. It was so nice to have the extra chicken ready and waiting for me in the freezer last time around. I found it worth the time in deboning three at once, so I am doing it again.

I will roast oven potatoes and make a garden salad to go with tonight's portion of the chicken.

July 1st:
Tonight I am preparing beans and rice. I have small red beans soaking and I cooked a double portion of brown rice last night. I recently saw an interesting recipe for a beans and rice salad. Since it is HOT here in GA, I might just give it a try.

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