Monday, March 22, 2010

World Water Day Giveaway

I recently posted about the health importance of "drinking plenty of good, clean water." I am sure you realize that doing so is a luxury that is not readily available worldwide.

Today is World Water Day -- set aside for the purpose of creating awareness of the need for clean water around the world. Please take a moment to visit the World Water Day website to familiarize yourself with this cause.

TrueLemon is also doing their part in creating awareness today by offering a giveaway to my readers.

What is TrueLemon? True Lemon is a healthy crystallized water enhancer sweetened with Truvia (natural stevia). Add TrueLemon to a glass of water to make a refreshing substitute for sugary drinks. True Lemon's ingredients are 100% all-natural and make water a more appealing option without making it unhealthy, or "sugaring" down water's natural goodness. TrueLemon also markets TrueOrange and TrueLime, two more natural flavor options for your good, clean water.

The winner of today's giveaway will be sent 20-count boxes of TrueLemon, TrueOrange and TrueLime... 60 refreshing beverages just in time for outdoor weather! (You can tell what is on my spring-fevered-mind!)

To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post. Tell me what you know about getting clean water into needy hands around the world. What organizations or causes do you know of that are in action, ready for us to take part? (Here one of my family's favorite ministries. Their Jesus Well project is a perfect opportunity.)

This giveaway will close tomorrow (Tuesday, March 23rd) at midnight. I will select and notify a winner (using a random number generator) on Wednesday. This giveaway is open to US residents only.

But this is the best part: EVERYONE is a winner with TrueLemon. Samples are available for everyone! Do you want to try TrueLemon? Click here for your free sample. I haven't tried this product yet myself, but I look forward to my samples!

Observe World Water Day. Grab a glass of water. Practice gratitude. Think about how you can do your part.


Andrea Manor said...

I don't know a lot about this subject, but this looks kind of cool: It would be neat to buy a gift like this for some of those hard to buy for people who already seem to have everything.

Becca said...

I admit that I've never heard of World Water Day, but am glad to hear of it now. Thanks for the post and the giveaway.

busymomof10 said...

I am afraid I have never heard of World Water Day either. It is true that people in many parts of the world have a need for fresh, clean water -- they also have an even greater need for the Living Water that quenches their eternal thirst. The only organization I am aware of that meets these needs is Samaritan's Purse.

I think this is a great giveaway and I would LOVE to win the True Lemon! It sounds so refreshing for the coming warm weather!!

Amy Ellen said...

Hi Elizabeth (BusyMomof10),

You're totally right. The link I put in for the Jesus Wells has the same purpose and vision.

Thanks! Amy Ellen

(PS I will take my entry out of the giveaway drawing.)

Milkmaid said...

As a youth, my parents took my brothers and I to visit the Alabama campus of SIFAT (Servants in Faith and Technology). They are missionaries to impoverished regions, taking technology that will increase quality of life: ways to purify water, sustainable agriculture, healthy childbirth, how to build a latrine, solar cooking, etc. Visiting their campus was a great eye-opener for me when I was young.

Marlene W. said...

My in-laws are very invested in the organization HELPS Int'l, and they participate in organizing groups of volunteers and bringing them to Guatamala to install stoves and water filters in rural Guatamala. Our home church now takes annual trips to GU to install stoves and filters and share the love of the Lord. The water filter is easily set up in a home and changes the life of a family - infections alone take a huge nosedive once clean water is available, as we well know, being privileged to live in the US.

That being said, I had no idea there was an official World Water Day. Good to know!

Helps International website:

AnnaLove said...

I support food for the hungry and I know they supply clean water to people in need. I like what they do!

Sara said...

I don't know a lot about the subject, either, but I do like the work of the Advent Conspiracy. I also LOVE the idea of this product. My kids are not big "plain" water drinkers despite my best efforts (fun sized ice cubes, lemon wedges, strawberries in water, etc.) so perhaps this product is just the start we need. I'm signing up for the samples next!

Ryan said...

I honestly don't know much. I think the church I used to go to made kits for the people in 3rd world countries.

sponge423 said...

Helps international does alot with health and education programs!

Tim, Allyson, and kids said...

When our compassion child was younger we made a financial gift to his village to help dig a new well. Water is such a blessing, but definitely one we take for granted.

Anonymous said...

A dear friend was a missionary in Ethopia, digging wells as his reason for getting to know the people.



Huskerbabe said...

What a great idea! I know there was a young woman from our church who went with a group from her college and dug wells in Kenya, but I don't remember the name of the group. But I can see where good, safe water could be an excellent inroad to these communities.