Monday, March 15, 2010

Links Worth Reading

Is it looking like spring where you are? The weather here in my part of Georgia is absolutely beautiful... makes me giddy!

In my reading over the last few days, I found a few articles that I think you may find interesting.

First, you have heard me talk of soaking grains to neutralize the phytic acid... sounds technical... and what's the health benefit, anyway? Well, here is a very helpful explaination. Click here to read.

Second, many of you have mentioned that you would like to start making sourdough bread. Here is a great primer, including some sourdough waffles. I haven't tried them yet, but I think this post is very informative (though long!). Click here to read.

Last, Genetically Modified Foods are a great concern of mine. I have talked about the book Seeds of Deception before. Now, here is a very thought-provoking perspective on the subject. Note that I do not necessarily agree with all the ideas in this article or on this webpage, but this article made me think. Click here to read.

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Happy Spring!



Justin and Julie said...

This is related to your natural sugar posts, but I didn't know if I should put it here or there. I understand replacements for regular white sugar and sweetening teas but what are good natural sugar replacements for brown sugar and powdered sugar? I have seen raw organic forms of these on the health food aisle, are those better? I am mainly wondering about the texture/color that they produce. I rarely use powdered sugar except for cream cheese frosting or Christmas cookie icing. It there some alternative that won't make them appear brown? I do use a bit of brown sugar in baking recipes.

Amy Ellen said...

Hi Julie (and Justin!),

Thanks for your question. I actually use Sucanat or Rapadura instead of brown sugar. It seems to work just fine as a one to one substitution. So, in a recipe like cookies that calls for both white and brown sugar, I use Sucanat or Rapadura for both.

For powdered sugar, you can put regular Sucanat or Rapadura in a food processor or coffee grinder for a powdery texture. This works great for making glazes and for cream cheese frosting -- as long as you don't mind a brown color and a maple-y flavor. I find it acceptable for cream cheese icing.

However, if you needed white frosting, the best you could do is to buy organic powdered sugar and thus avoid GMOs (most regular sugar is made from GMO sugar beets). You would still have a bit of refined sugar... but a definite step above the regular stuff.

Hope this helps!
Amy Ellen

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I recently watched the movie, Food, Inc. and it inspired me to grow an organic heirloom garden. I also really like your explanation on sugar here. I'd never thought of making powdered sugar out of sucanat. Sucanat and honey are the only sweeteners I use. Nice to have an alternative!