Friday, March 12, 2010

Favorite Healthy Treat

My friend Jonesey has had an ingenious week on her blog Jonesville. She has been hosting a Week O' Favorites. The comments have been very entertaining, both writing them and reading them... So here's my question for you...

What is your favorite healthy treat? And what about your kids' favorite treat? Please share!
As for me, I love, love, love dark cherries... even dried cherries... especially when they are covered in dark chocolate, but I'll enjoy them any way they come.

My children really enjoy string cheese. But Rainbow says her favorite snacky treat is Blueberry Yogurt. And Spiderman pipes in with "Trail Mix!"

Happy Friday!


Jonesey said...

Hey Thanks AE! So glad you liked the week o'favorites. It was awful fun for me!

Banjo loves clementines. LOVES them. Super T loves Pears. They do love them some serious fruit salad. Which is super handy for me! Chop up some fruit and Bam, you have a fruit salad. Ladybug enjoys more than her fair share of cheese for a snack.


Teaching Money to Kids said...

I have to ditto the cherries, they are my best replacement for m 'n ms. Or frozen blueberries with milk. Yum me.

Milkmaid said...

My current favorite healthy snack (it's become of bit of an afternoon ritual for me) is to mash up a ripe banana and vigorously stir in a huge scoop of natural peanut butter. It's like smooth, creamy, sweet comfort food. Doodle would probably 2nd that as his favorite. Carman keeps it simple with an apple or orange. And Sudoku LOVES raw carrots. Cheese is also popular around here.

busymomof10 said...

Dark Chocolate, of course! :)

I just bought some Ghiradheli squares last night on clearance 50% off. They contain 60% cacao and hit the spot when you need a little chocolate in your life! :)

Carrie Beth said...

I would have to say golden raisins and almonds mixed together :).

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Thanks for following my blog! I couldn't agree more with your blog name, "Health Begins with Mom". It is so true and I take it seriously. It is so nice to network with like-minded women.

God Bless,

The Flatten Family said...

Love your site! Our snack faves here are string cheese and frozen smoothie popcicles (homemade) my son LOVES them.

They're pretty good for you too! Packed with fruit, juice, milk & yogurt.