Thursday, March 11, 2010

Next Step Thinking

I'm thinking along the lines of next steps toward greater health. The health journey requires us to take steps forward. Even if they are just baby steps, we need to be making progress. So, what next steps do I need to take?

First, I am back into the swing of meal planning, budget grocery shopping, and food preparation. However, I have noticed a price increase at Earth Fare. They do have some "fare deals," which are items at nicely competitive prices. But all other products seem to be continually going up in price.

For example, when we moved here nearly five years ago, we paid $1.19 for a package of Garden of Eatin' tortillas. A few years after that, I noticed the price jumped to $1.59. That was a considerable jump, but doable. Then, on a recent trip to Earth Fare, I saw the price jumped again to $2.49! That is not doable.

Here comes my next step thinking... Instead of just maintaining my old shopping habits, I need to think of what needs to happen next. I need to find a better source for some of the food we purchase from a store.

Do any of you shop at Whole Foods? There is a Whole Foods about 40 minutes away from me. It might be worth a once a month trip if I save a decent amount of my grocery money. So, my next step is to take a exploratory trip to Whole Foods.

What about for your family? What needs to change in how you plan and provide meals for your family? What could you do better? What is your next step?

Same topic, different slant... I am pleased with how my exercise plan has unfolded over the last week. I can feel my core muscles gaining strength. I can see progress. So, I'm asking myself, what do I need to add in next?

We could ask ourselves this with our diet, our lifestyle habits... What can we learn next? What can we do better? Take a look at this list of progressive changes and make a note of what you can change next. Leave a note in the comments and let me know your plans!

The health journey requires us to take steps forward. What next steps can you take?

On to the next step,

Photo Credit: Peter Suneson


Anonymous said...

I do shop at the Marietta location Whole Foods and they have decent prices on their store brand products as well as weekly store specials. I also do Trader Joe's for produce and a few other items but you do have to be more careful at reading labels there and not falling into packaged foods with kids in tow. I have a list of some basic prices of weekly purchases from whole foods if you are interested I can email them to you...butter, milk, kefir, eggs, oats, cereal, olive oil, yogurt, etc.

Amy Ellen said...

Yes, I would love to see that list! I could compare it with the Kroger Natural Section and Earth Fare! You can email to
ae @ without the spaces.


Anonymous said...

I actually just checked out the Norcross Whole Foods for the first time last weekend. I live about 45 minutes away. I thought it was really neat but also a little overwhelming. I did not think the prices were any better than what I can find at Kroger and Publix. I have a 2 year old and 10 month old so I don't think the trip is worth it for me right now :)

Becky said...

I adore Whole Foods and they have a huge selection, BUT their prices are not great. I much prefer Trader Joes. There is one in Roswell, on Hwy 92, right by Roswell High.

Noel said...

If you're looking for some exercises for your arms, try making tortillas! Ouch!!

Kristi Lea said...

When I read your title to your post today, the first thing I thought was, "did she read my mind or my post this week?!" I have been thinking the very same thing...taking the next step.

For me, I plan to start walking our big lab around our subdivision every night. It's about a mile. It won't put my back out, and it will give me time to think, pray, get fresh air, and give our dog and myself some exercise. I also plan on starting my weight training next week, Lord willing. I am going to start with just two days a week until my back is completely better.

On the food aspect, my goal is to not eat out again for a month. I have bought my back up meals for when things get crazy and I don't feel like cooking a meal. It's going to be hard for me because i am the Queen of eating out, but we need to save the money, and it's not helping my family and I get healthy.

I have also started taking some new suppliments and I'm really excited about those. Probiotics, omega 3,6&9, fiber and calcium chews, plus my daily vitamin. Some day I hope to work up to Shaklee vitamins, but for now, I am just happy to be stepping in the right direction, and I can already tell a difference in how I feel.

Happy Stepping!

Elena said...

I agree with Becky- love Whole Foods, and shop there sometimes, but Trader Joes has better prices IMO. Today I went to both:)
This year I began switching over to organic foods which is a big change for our family. And last weekend my husband & I began doing the P90X workout. So far, he's lost 4 lbs. and I've lost 2.5. Not bad for 1 week!
Healthy foods, exercise and some self control are our goals to getting in shape this year:)

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

We are planning on growing a large heirloom, organic garden this year!

Amy Ellen said...

Hey Cheesemakin' Mama!

That garden sounds absolutely wonderful!!! I would love to do the same, but this is not the year for it for several reasons. I hope you post about your successes so that I can learn from you... Next year we'll attempt a garden again!

:-) ae