Friday, March 26, 2010

This Isn't a Real Post

I halfway composed a post entitled "Be a Supplement Skeptic" earlier this week. Yesterday was the day to complete it. But my laptop died (again... I have strong opinions about a certain brand now). I didn't have the time to finish it on the dinosaur computer we keep just for emergencies. Really, it took thirty-five minutes just to load my email!

So, today was the day to complete it. But as I sat down at the dinosaur, Tickle, who was supposed to be napping, started a horrendous coughing fit. The other children ran to get me, fearing for her life. It turns out she got out of bed to get her barrettes off her dresser. Then ate one. Then gagged until she got it up. With oranges and cheese that were not quite digested.

Why do I share this with you today? Well, first, you'll have to excuse me from a real post today. Cleaning up the mess took most of my computer time. And the dinosaur is taking the rest.

Second, lest you think I am one of those moms who has it all together - who has nice, orderly days homeschooling perfectly behaved and attentive children - I give you a real story. Life is messy sometimes. Even in my home.

And, I just remembered I forgot to thaw out beef for our Pakistani Kima tonight. I have to go put some in a sink of cold water before I completely forget again.

Happy weekend! and hopefully the real post will be finished on Monday,


Jonesey said...

OH MY! I am so sorry about Tickly, I am glad she coughed it up! Scary, though I am sure!!

I would need some time to recover from that :)!!

Amy Ellen said...

I know... I'm still recovering. I mean, I wasn't even there and she could have choked completely!!! I am so thankful that she coughed it up... could have been REALLY bad! I am SO THANKFUL!

busymomof10 said...

Oh no! Glad she is OK! And glad to hear you are REAL! :)

Milkmaid said...

Whew. Reminds you of what's really important doesn't it?

This post was great, AE. Information is good. Reality is better :)

Melanie and Josh said...

your 2 year old is just like my 2 year old...although it's not barettes he's chewing on....not many of those around the house with a BOY :)...but I wonder WHEN he will get out of this "everything goes in my mouth" stage....I thought that was only with the itty bitty ones, but apparently not! SO glad Tickle is ok! We haven't had any major scares....YET!!

Noel said...

Tickle ate a barette!? That's too funny, I'm glad she's ok. The things kids will put in their mouths!