Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Giveaway Winner, Important Co-op Information, and More Random Thoughts That Don't Fit in Another Post

I love bullets. Do you? They keep random thoughts so orderly... Here goes:

  • First, the winner of TrueLemon's World Water Day giveaway is Christie. (If you do not get my email with instructions, please email me: ae @ Thank you to each reader who left a thoughtful comment about what we can do to help make clean water available around the world. I encourage each of you to take a look a the comments and jump into the action.

  • Next, I have had so many of you comment that you would like to be involved in whole food co-ops in order to make healthy foods more affordable. Well, I just ran across this website. Check it out to see if there are any groups near you!

  • Do you remember a while ago when I told you about my friend with the eleven year old Wendy's hamburger? Well, Fox News tells of a similar experiment with a Happy Meal. It never spoiled, which breaks my Food Selection Rule of Thumb. Read the story (here).

  • Three of my children caught a cold this past weekend. What do I do for them in order to speed their recovery? Read this former post.

  • Also, this time around I used a product called Xlear with Tickle. (The product was a generous sample sent to me for review by GS Schwartz & Co.) Her runny nose only lasted two days, while Spiderman and Witzy are still hanging on to theirs (fourth and third day, respectively). Could the difference be the Xlear? It is hard to say for sure, but I will be trying the product again next time I encounter a cold... let's hope that it's a while down the road.

  • Anyway, the product is worth checking out. Xlear is an "all-natural nasal spray with Xylitol, a healthy alternative to over the counter products and overused antibiotics." The bottle of nasal drops seems like it would last forever... and it only costs $6.99. You just give a few drops twice a day to clear the sinuses. The active ingredient is Xylitol, which is a natural sweetener found in plants and fruits. The Xylitol soothes and moisturizes nasal passages and rinses away bacteria, pollutants and allergens. Supposedly, it is a good preventative measure, although I have not used it that way. It seems logical though that rinsing the nasal passages clear daily would prevent most illness.

Have a great Wednesday!

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Andrea Manor said...

thanks for the whole foods coop information. I'm looking into it.