Wednesday, September 9, 2009

With Natural Flavors Added

Whew! We had a weekend very full of socializing. Translation: "a weekend very full of food preparation and clean up." Homeschooling with my four is like taking a break from the holiday weekend :D

So I was at the grocery store on Friday afternoon in order to get ready for the weekend to come. We are all out of our grass-fed ground beef, yet I wanted to serve Taco Salad to our company that night. I thought I would just buy some beef from the store.

Well, I could either buy two pounds of regular ground beef or one pound of hormone-and-antibiotic-free beef for about $5. With my family of six, plus our company, I was leaning towards the two pounds. Then I picked up the package. It said: "100% Real Beef with Natural Flavors Added."

Hmmm... can it be 100% beef if you've added something? And what are Natural Flavors anyway?

When I got a moment on the computer, I did a google search, just to see what I didn't buy. (I opted for the real beef and decided to add an onion and black beans with my taco seasonings to make the mixture stretch.)

I already knew that "Natural Flavors" might mean MSG... but was there anything else to know about it?

In my search, I found links to the names for hidden MSG... which I included in this recipe post a while back.

Then, I stumbled across this video clip from a 60 Minutes program. It is about ten minutes long... and very interesting... especially the information about the Glutamate Association. Click here to watch a very informative 60 Minutes commentary on Hidden MSG.

Glad that we have REAL FOOD options,


Becca said...

Amy Ellen, I recently received a Feingold Newsletter in my inbox that said they had found out that because of the cost of corn these days, a lot of cow farmers are resorting to feeding their cows potato chips and crushed m&ms they get from factories. OH MY GOODNESS. Can you imagine??????

Kathryn said...

Thank you for sharing. This is truly a gem i wish everyone could see! It is really time to wake folks up to what they are ingesting. And this 60 Minutes clip didn't even touch on what an exotoxin does. Nor the fact that folks are likely effected in minor ways they don't notice. Nor that most doctors are clueless to diagnose this issue. So many children are being put on drugs rather than the parents be informed to look at the food they eat. For the food industry & FDA to continue to blandly claim "no problem" is criminal! (Yep, i'm passionate on food safety & how it effects us.)