Thursday, September 3, 2009

Avoiding Nine Hidden Toxins

I'm posting another link to a great article today. Have you ever visited Dr. Mercola's website? While I don't agree with 100% of what he says, he does present a lot of really helpful, well-researched information... like today he posted an article on bacteria in our homes. His comments are really helpful. You might want to check out his thoughts on keeping our homes clean... but that wasn't the article I started to post about :D

I subscribe to Mercola's weekly newsletter, which you can do on the front page of his website. I don't always have time to read everything, but I always open it up and scan the topics. Every once in a while I find an article that would be really helpful for someone who is relatively new to healthy living. Today I read a great one! Click here for the full article.

In the article, Mercola comments on a list of nine hidden toxins we would all do well to avoid. Then, he lists four additional hidden toxins he would have added to the list, with his supporting thoughts. Lest you be overwhelmed at the list... he gives this encouragement:

"Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more difficult to avoid toxins.They’re in everything from personal care products to furniture and building materials....But there’s still plenty you can do, and one of the ways to significantly reduce your toxic load is to pay careful attention to what you eat. And, as an added bonus, when you eat right, you’re also optimizing your body’s natural detoxification system, which can help eliminate toxins your body encounters from other sources."

That's encouraging, isn't it? While we can't avoid all toxins everywhere, we can prime our body for naturally detoxifying from inevitable toxic exposure when we eat right. Sounds like a good reason to feed our families well.

If the list is daunting to you, start with selecting two or three of the listed foods to avoid. Start with a few and find a healthy replacement in your family's diet for those few. Then go back to the list and tackle a few more. Baby steps, right? It's worth it!


Noel said...

I've noticed our phones are transmitters of germs. they can spread acne from one person to another or from one side of your face to another. Gross! I know, but true.

Martha said...

What do you think of a water (or juice) fast to eliminate years worth of toxins? I have tried this method before and received many physical evidence that my body was pushing out toxins but jeez... it slaughtered my metabolism that's for sure ;)

P.S. Thank you for your comment, it was very insightful and it confirmed my decision to lay low for a while. I need set my priorities straight, God and Family comes first ;) amen to that!

Amy Ellen said...

Hi Martha!

I think a juice fast definitely has a place... especially combined with some an herbal cleanse program. However, a lot of these cleanses can be very harsh and people can experience some really tough detox symptoms. If that happens, it is best to pull back and take it slower. I can talk specifics in an email if/when you want to pursue a detox plan.

Or, consider taking Alfalfa which gently helps the body to detox daily.

:-) AE

Anonymous said...

Another germ spot I read about in Don Aslett's books is the door knob. That's why I clean them once a week. :)