Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Help For Your Children's Lunches

Have you visited Healthy Child Healthy World lately? Dr. Alan Greene has a fantastic post on his blog today. He writes to challenge parents to get healthier with their children's lunches.

First, he explains why. Why do our children benefit from organic foods? Then he explains how. What organic foods are nourishing and packable? He calls it the "Organic Lunchbox Challenge."

It is definitely worth your time. So whether you homeschool or pack a lunch for your child to take to school, take the time to read this blog post. I think we will all glean some helpful information from it!

While we are thinking about lunches, if you have any smart, healthy tips for nourishing children's lunches, please post your ideas in the comments of thsi post. Don't we all need a fresh idea every now and then?

For your children's sake,


Andrea Manor said...

I've got a great resource. We have this lunchbox, the laptop lunch box. Cuts down on lunch waste from all those prepacked products and is just all around cool. But I'm sending you to the photo gallery page where it has tons of pictures of healthy lunch ideas. It might be fun to show it to your child to see what looks good to them to get some fresh ideas for lunch. Check it out:

Anonymous said...

Since we homeschool, we never need packed lunches. We almost always eat left-overs from dinner the night before...which are made from scratch and with our own veggies. But if I see some good ideas around, I'll let you know!