Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What's Cooking -- June

I've been keeping a running list of our family's weekday meals, and I archive the list under this "What's Cooking" topic. It may help to give you healthy menu ideas... and it may help to jumpstart my creativity when it seems we are stuck in a supper rut. Have you been there before?

It's the first of the month and so I'm starting a new post for June meals. If you don't read the "What's Cooking" Corner on my blog each day, you can check this post for our June supper menus. Or, you can read the archives from past months here.

June 30th:
So last night's grilling didn't work out. There was a very deliberate wasp. Need I say more.

I'm trying again tonight with some Ribeye Steaks that came with our part of the cow. I have never done this type of meat due to budgetary constraints, but I'm hoping for the best.

I will also stir fry what is left of my produce box and serve it with rice.

June 29th:
YAY! I'm back in the swing of things :-) I found some healthy chicken for a really good price, so tonight I am going to attempt to grill it. I am not a grill master. We'll see.

I'll also be tossing a huge dark green salad and serving garlic bread on the side. Real food! I'm so excited!

Tomorrow, I'll have to catch up on yogurt, bread and granola -- three of our family staples.

Like last week, this summer week is going to be another break from routine. Because of traveling and other events, we will not be eating our regular family meal every night.

Instead, I will be pulling together items left from my produce box and pantry ingredients for some quick meals and some travel-able meals. Who knows what I will come up with -- or if it will taste good!

Next week, I will return to my normal cooking habits. And, I will post my supper plans too. In the interim, check out my "What's Cooking?" archives.

June 12th:
It has just been the kids and I for supper the past few nights. So, instead of cooking something new, we have been having leftovers. They thought the Mega Stir Fry would never end!But tonight, he will be here with us again! So we are going to have Taco Salad, one of his all-time-favs.

June 9th:
Tonight I am going to make a mega stir fry. I will use onions, garlic, colored peppers, daikon, carrots, and purplish kale. That should make for a rainbow presentation! I'll serve it with rice and some baked white fish.

I bought an abundance of colored peppers in bulk the other day. I also have way too many onions from the last few produce boxes. So today I am going to dice these all up and freeze them for future stir frys.

I also intend on baking 6 loaves of bread and making Power Bars this morning... interruptions allowing.

June 8th:
Tonight it's my turn to pick up our produce boxes. I trade off with some other great moms in my neighborhood. So, I'll either pick up some fresh burritos from a moderately healthy restaurant in town... or I'll serve leftovers.

I took a Broccoli Almond Salad and a Cilantro Lime Pasta Salad with tri-colored peppers to a church pot-luck yesterday... so we have both of those plus some leftovers from last week to finish off. Exciting, huh?

June 5th:
Catching Up:On Wednesday, I had to make a very rushed supper. We used whole wheat pasta from the pantry to make a pasta and meat sauce meal.

On Thursday, I used the last third of our roast to make a saucy meat with rice dish... inventing as I went, but it turned out very tasty. We were totally out of anything green from our produce box - for some reason we went through it remarkably quick this time around - so we had peas.

Tonight, I know that we do not want meat! We normally space our meat meals out, but after four nights in a row, we are ready for something lighter. I have everything I need to make a Red Bean and Rice Salad with Lime Dressing. Sounds fitting... and I'll double it so that I can take it to a Sunday Pot Luck too.

June 2nd:
The roast we ate last night was delicious. It was so full of flavor! I am going to make the leftovers into two meals this week. Tonight, I am going to make a main-dish cold beef salad with greens, ripe tomaotes, peas and a feta cheese dressing.

We have leftover potatoes from last night, a side dish that will make my littles very happy (and full!).

June 1st:
I have had a Roast in the crock pot all day. We love roast beef. And this time, we are especially excited since this roast is from our Grass-Fed cow. It smells so good! I had some fresh herbs from our organic produce box, and they seem to be adding a lot of aroma (and hopefully flavor too).

For sides, we are going to do potatoes and kale and some sliced raw veggies and tomatoes as well.

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