Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hang On For The Ride

Adventure: Hiking by Dermot Conlan
"Embrace exploration and seek your adventure."
I mentioned in my post yesterday that being healthy is an adventure. Today I would like to expand that thought.

I have noticed a very weighty truth in my life. My children are directly affected by my attitude. Have you seen the same in your family? If I am excited about reading a new book, they eagerly clamor onto the couch to find out what it is about. If I am excited about a new recipe I'm trying, they dig into it with gusto.

Yet, if I grumble as I wash lettuce again, or if I freak out as I find a worm on the farm fresh kale, they are equally swayed by my attitude. Lettuce and kale just don't seem as appetizing to them if I've prepared them with a murmuring spirit or an outraged cry of "why do we have to keep eating organic when the conventional kale would never come with a worm!?!"

Let's just face the facts.

Fact number one: As moms we can make or break the atmosphere in our home. This applies to all areas, but think about how it extends to your family's health.

What child won't willingly try the new granola cookies you've set aside time to cheerfully make together? Even if the child is new to less-sweet-treats, if they were made with love and joy she will think positively about them.

Fact number two: Making health changes can require extra effort, time and planning for us moms. When we are in the learning curve, there is a constant flow of new information to process, of new ideas to try, of mistakes to make. Think of it as an adventure. In an adventure, each new exciting turn is a chance to learn and to grow. Embrace the journey, and remember that the most important part is enjoying the scenery as you go!

Fact number three: Children love adventures, and they like to learn when learning is adventuresome. Taking your kids along on your health adventure will give them an appreciation of your efforts, an excitement for being healthy, and the tools they need to make their own health decisions wisely.

So, like I said yesterday: Smile at your kids and enjoy the ride. This health adventure has the potential to bring unity, meaningful work, and joy into your family relationships.

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Noel said...

Great Point!

Anonymous said...

You are very right: I have noticed how my (and dh's) attitudes affect the kids' attitudes. I really have to work on mine (not so much toward food because I'm a foodie, but toward life in general). :)

Ilse said...

Such a great point... I have been trying to be better at this lately.. :-)