Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Thought About Fruit

You know how it can be coming home to empty cabinets. So, my husband made a quick run to the grocery store last night to help me jump start the week. He brought home the coupons that automatically print out with each receipt. I always take a look at these, even though they are mostly for items that we don't use.

This time, one particular coupon really caught my attention. It was for a new drink that contained juicy bits of fruit. This food novelty is advertised as the "new way to eat fruit." I looked it up online, just out of curiosity. After looking it over, I don't really have a problem with the product. It is a 100% juice blend, and it doesn't contain any unwanted ingredients.

It's just the slogan that tripped up my mind. Since when do we need a new way to eat fruit? Is there something wrong with the old way? In its natural, fresh state, fruit contains many phytochemicals, enzymes and other micro-nutrients that are destroyed with processing. Did we need to find a new way? Is there a need for something more convenient than biting into an apple or peeling a clementine or popping some grapes into our mouths? I guess you don't have to wash a product that comes in a bottle.

Like I said, I don't have any objections to this particular product. I'm just sayin'... why do we need "new fangled foods?" In our family, my challenge is to serve as much food the way God made it as possible. In doing so, we consume a wide spectrum of nutrients that have not even been labeled yet. And, we get them in the precise balance that our bodies require them.

Start a Whole Food Revolution in your family! Eat fresh, whole, raw foods as much as possible. And save the new product coupon for when you are traveling and don't have the luxury of washing your fruit. After all, not all of us have sinks in our vehicles :-)

I have much on my mind to blog about, if I can find the time to sit at the computer with all of our summertime projects and activities. I hope to write my thoughts about "raw food diets," my thoughts for a healthy pregnancy, some ideas for healthy desserts, and a supper recipe... thanks for staying tuned!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, really: since when do we need a new way to eat fruit?? How weird is that?

Noel said...

I can give my kids a fruit juice drink and they gulp it down, then hand a whole fruit and their eyes squint up from the sourness of it on their first bite. Strange, but we do it anyhow, squinty eyes and all because we know its good for us :)

Amy Ellen said...

Hi Noel, I wonder if they squint because actual fruit is not a concentrated sweetness as in fruit juice. Even though fruit is pretty sweet, fruit juice is sweeter. Good for you in doing it anyway!
Amy Ellen

Miss Charlene said...

I know what product you mean! I was just staring at it the other day and going hmmm. I admit I was curious but the price scared me off ;)

Ilse said...

So true. It is always best to leave in original form. This is the one thing that I can be happy that my children do, is to eat lots of fresh fruit. There is something so satisfying about eating a fresh fruit ;-)