Friday, June 19, 2009

Do I Believe in Supplementation?

Good question. Very good question. Yes and No. I believe that in our modern world, we do need to supplement our diets in order to provide our bodies with enough nutrients to be well. (For my elaboration on that topic, see my "Wondering Where To Start" links at the top left of this page.)

However, I do not believe in synthetic supplementation. Buying man-made versions of vitamins and minerals can be toxic. It is actually more harmful to our bodies than not supplementing at all.

And I do not believe in out-of-balance supplements. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Our bodies thrive on balance, not extremes. Everything in moderation... even supplements. Looking to nature, each food has a balance of macro and micro nutrients - even traces of things we haven't isolated yet. Each supports the others. Nutritional science is actually quite an awesome study! To take supplements in unnatural combinations can cause our bodies to rob itself of necessary nutrients in order to deal with the supplements we take.

And I do not believe in impure supplementation. There are too many companies out there who take advantage of the lack of supplement regulation. Instead of creating their own standards for purity, they market products that are full of lead, fungicides or other dramatically harmful impurities. If a supplement does not have guaranteed purity, if a company does not make their manufacturing practices a public concern, LEAVE that product on the shelf... no matter how much of a good deal you think it is. (For my previous post of Lead In Supplements, read here.)

But, I do believe in high quality supplements. I actually think it is better to take 1/2 the dosage of a bioavailable, balanced, natural supplement than to take mega doses of synthetic, impure or indigestible vitamins. And, I know from experience that expensive does not equal high-quality.

So you have probably picked up on the fact that the only vitamins I recommend are Shaklee vitamins. Yes, I am an independent distributor, but selling vitamins is not my calling in life. However, I do recommend them because I have been singularly impressed by Shaklee's standards for purity and by the evidence of their performance.

I mention this all today, because I am working on a post with my tips for a healthy pregnancy (sort of like my thoughts on infertility)... and I will inevitably mention Shaklee products again. I wanted to offer a formal explanation. It is because I know that not all supplements are beneficial. And because I know that Shaklee supplements are beneficial.

I will be back to my regular posting on Monday. Have a great weekend and thanks for listening!


Carla Clayton said...

Amy Ellen,

Your newly designed blog looks great!


best supplements said...

I think its better to have natural things rather than other products because these are much healthier and side effect free.

The Deavours Family said...

Hey! I have recently purchased Shacklee supplements. HOWEVER, I didn't realize on the ones for my two year old that they are intended for 4 years and up. Any thoughts on that? For now, I've just been halfing the recommended "dose." What do you give your 'youngins.

Amy Ellen said...

Yes, it is fine to half the dosage for a two year old. Before my littles could chew up a vitamin, I ground it up with a vitamin smasher and added it to their morning smoothie.