Monday, April 13, 2009

Who Am I?

The most bizarre thing happened to me over our Spring Break. Well, I'm sure there are weirder things, but this was really amazing to me. Someone who found my blog using a search engine emailed me a question. Long story short, I found out that she lives just around the corner from me. Imagine that!

A cyberspace friend turning out to be a real-life neighbor sent my mind swirling. Who am I? Does what I write on this blog accurately represent who I am? If someone met me in real-life, would they recognize me as the same person who authors this blog?

Who am I? I am an introvert relying on the grace and strength of the Lord to be used as an encouragement in other women's lives. If you saw me at a library storytime, I would smile at you and your children. It would take several storytimes for me to strike up a conversation... unless you did first, in which case I would probably seem pretty friendly while inside I would be praying earnestly for words.

I'm glad to be back into the blogging world this week. My prayer is that you find encouragement here at Health Begins With Mom. I hope to reply to some of your questions this week, post a great recipe and start a new topic called "Simple Changes." I'm excited about this one. I know that "healthy" can seem so daunting... like climbing Mount Everest. While some health changes I write about are big (like baking homemade bread or cutting out boxed cereal), I want to share some simple changes too... small things that add up to big results.


Noel said...

you know, I've had to keep that fact we could run into these bloggers anywhere, so keeping it real and truthful is a must, besides God knows the truth about us! Good to see you back.

Tara said...

It is a small world. Was led to your blog through someone else's blog and have enjoyed it ever since. I have granola soaking as I type this. *grin* I appreciated your encouraging letter post last week while you were on spring break. SO needed to hear that! Still trying to find my "groove" as I adjust to new cooking, learning to cook everything, etc. And to think it all started with just trying to get rid of my migraines... :) (migraines are gone, btw)

Martha said...

Funny that you mention this because I just bumped into a fellow blogger who lived merely miles away from me :o) it is a small world after all!

Welcome back and I am eager to read many more of your entries :)

Tonya said...

I enjoyed this post about you, even though I'm privileged to already "know" you! We do live in an amazingly small world!

Love you!

Teresa R said...

That's a very thought-provoking question! I know that some of my real-life friends do read my blog, so I don't embellish, ever. :)