Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Strawberry Pickin' Time!

For local readers, it is strawberry picking time in North Georgia. This is where we will go to pick later this week. Hopefully, we will go three times before the season is over. We will pick several gallons each time... hopefully like 8 or 10 gallons each time! We load up our freezer when the berries are ripe, bursting with nutrients and flavor. Then we enjoy them all year round in our smoothies!

Sweet and Juicy Strawberries by David Carter Brown



Raising Olives said...

Thanks for the reminder. We like to have strawberries in the freezer, but last year I completely missed the season.


Noel said...

Yay!!! I can't wait to go :)

Lynn said...

How do you freeze your strawberries? Mine didn't turn out right last year.

Stephanie said...

Oh I love strawberries but our season doesn't come until June. I can't wait because I ran out of homemade jelly and PB sandwiches just aren't the same! Happy picking!

Southern Belle said...

Oh I cant wait to take the children to do this!!! We have one right down the street even :-) I was wondering the same thing though - how did you freeze yours to use all year?? Mine always ends up freezer burnt within a few months :-(

Amy Ellen said...

Lynn and Southern Belle,

I will be posting pictures and an "how to" on freezing strawberries. Hopefully, this will be Monday's post.

Thanks for your questions! Amy Ellen