Friday, February 12, 2010


It is high time that I post a formal disclosure statement. So that you as readers know my position, and so that all interested marketing representatives can find out as well. (Plus I have two really great product reviews coming up!)

This Disclosure Policy is effective from Feb. 11, 2010 until I replace it with another.

Number One. My blog exists to help mothers in their pivotal position as the family's nurturer (whether working at home or away from home) to make progress in their pursuit of greater health. In short, I keep this blog to inspire, encourage and educate moms in creating a healthier family.

I welcome any opportunity to review, giveaway or educate moms toward that purpose.

For the marketing representative, that means, if your company has a food product, health book, eco-friendly toy, clothing, furniture, household item (because eco-friendly = less toxins in our home and in us), or other informational bit that they would like me to consider, send it to ae @

If the proposed item passes my scrutiny, I will be glad to include it on Health Begins With Mom. Note: I believe in real food and will not review any fabricated "food" dressed up as a health food. If your product contains real ingredients, please let me know about it!

For the reader that means I will make note of any compensation or benefit I have received in order to post about a particular product.

That also means that when I don't receive product samples or other benefits from my post about a particular product, I will make note of that as well. I often post about a product just because I think it is helpful information. (I'm recalling Florida's Natural, several book reviews and the Skechers Shape Ups post that I am going to write. That is, unless Skechers reads this and decides they would like to compensate me. I'd love to have a second pair, a non-sneaker type pair (big-eyed grin).)

I reserve the right to decline any promotional offer based upon conflict of interest to my Shaklee Independent Distributorship. That is, I will not be posting about any other B Complex, since I'm already sold out on Shaklee's, and such. Note: I do not receive any compensation whatsoever for mentioning Shaklee from time to time unless a reader travels to my Shaklee webpage and makes a purchase. I mention Shaklee simply because it has changed the course of my health and I don't want to keep that blessing to myself.

I am the sole contributor and editor of Health Begins With Mom and the only decider of the content therein. I like free samples, I like to read free books and learn new information. I welcome these opportunities. But I will always give my honest analysis of any product, book or other item. And it all comes down to the true benefit of my readers.

Information contained in this wesbite is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or heal any disease. I am not a medical professional nor do I engage in the practice of medicine.

For your health,

PS... more on the Affordability of Eating Healthy coming up next week...

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