Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Funny, Yet Effective Awareness Campaign

Have you ever heard of Chicken Plumping? I hadn't heard the term, although I had heard of the practice. I think you oughta know about it... so go to SayNoToPlumping.com... watch the short video on the front page, then click the "Health" tab and watch another part of the video. I got a chuckle from it... and it made a very good point.


"The practice of injecting saltwater, chicken stock, seaweed extract or some combination thereof into chicken to increase its weight and price, meaning that when you buy a package of chicken you can be spending 15% more on SALT WATER. More importantly, a plumped chicken has up to 700% more sodium than a chicken that hasn't been plumped. The result: hundreds of thousands of consumers are ponying up extra cash (about $1.50 per package of chicken) to unwittingly feed themselves and their families a dangerously unhealthy amount of salt."

How much SODIUM?

"One serving - just 4 oz - of plumped chicken has the same amount of sodium as a large order of french fries. That's 700% more than natural chicken."

What should you do?

Read the labels. Don't purchase chicken that says something like "contains up to 15% saltwater." Or, read the ingredient label to make sure it doesn't contain added salt of any kind. Buy real chicken and salt it to taste at home.

For your health,

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TeresaR said...

Wow...I never knew they did that to chicken!

I'm just glad we grow and process our own chickens: we know exactly what went into them. :)