Thursday, August 27, 2009

Do My Children Ever Get Sick?

I've been asked this question several times. Do my children ever get sick? Well, not very frequently. But, yes. In today's world it would be totally impossible and even unreasonable to protect my children from any and all contact with germs.

However, as moms we are not left at the mercy of a host of viruses and bacteria. God's mercy, yes. But germs, no.

Our children are going to encounter sickness. What we can do is boost their immunities so that they will be able to fight off the invading germs in as quick a time as possible. Children with strengthened immune systems will have lesser symptoms and a shorter duration of sickness. So, there is definitely something we can do.

Today I want to share an example from our week... tomorrow I am posting specifically about the Swine Flu (H1N1) and what we can do to boost our immune systems for the season ahead. Please come back to read that post tomorrow!

Tuesday morning Spiderman woke up with a 101° fever. He told me that his whole body ached and that his head was going to explode. I sent him back to bed and checked his temperature again in an hour. It had escalated to 102°... and it just kept going up. Clearly his body was fighting something.

Having been recently exposed to H1N1, I didn't want to take any chances. We quarantined him and I let him watch Moody Science Videos and nap all day. For Spiderman to stay in bed all day was a huge clue that something big was amiss. He doesn't sit still for fifteen minutes, must less settle into bed for the whole day.

My son already has a strong immune system because of the daily supplements that we give him on top of our whole foods diet, limited sugar, plenty of outdoor exercise, and adequate sleep. (His daily supplements have a good measure of Vitamin D and other immune boosters in them.) But when I saw his fever go up, I knew that he could use an extra boost. Fever is a sign that there is increased activity in the body... that there is war going on.

So, practically speaking, here's what I gave him:
  • Nutriferon, which is, in my opinion, the very best natural Immune Booster available. I gave him one tablet immediately and will continue to give him one daily until I am sure he is well past it. I am also giving my girls Nutriferon because no matter how much we wash our hands, they might need a boost too.
  • Probiotics. I gave him both a probiotic and a prebiotic. I did this one for the girls too.
  • Two Garlic Tablets, which he can swallow, but I would skip for my littles who couldn't. Garlic can be crushed or made into a poultice for a young child, but I usually wait to see the severity of what I'm dealing with before I go to such smelly measures. I gave him garlic again Wednesday, even though the fever had broken, but I didn't today since his symptoms and fever have been gone for over 24 hours.
  • Increased daily multi-vitamin. His normal dosage is two per day, I gave him an extra tablet at lunch.
  • Echinacea, Zinc and Elderberry. I gave him four immediately and then two at each meal until he returned to normal.
  • Vitamin C. I like to give this in the inbetweens, since his multi has a good bit of Vitamin C in it. So I gave him two between each meal and before bed until he returned to normal.
By Wednesday morning, his fever had broken and he was his usual energetic self again. Thursday morning marked 24 hours past the fever and symptoms. I can't say what bug he was fighting, but he fought the good fight. It might have been just a short-lived germ, but he just might have conquered something even greater. I'll never know.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on Swine Flu... it's one I've been thinking over for quite some time.

See you then,

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momishome2 said...

That's quite a testimonial for supplements!

Thanks for commenting on my blog post about the first day of school. I loved your idea of a pre-first day of school to review everything and to build the excitement! I'll have to remember that so I can implement it for our school next year.

amy said...

how much of the defend and resist would you give to the littles? this was super encouraging to read as juju and abs are both sick and i was doing what you said (after multiple consultations with cath of course!)
thanks friend!

Amy Ellen said...

Hey Amy,

Sorry to hear that your girls are sick.

It is best to do supplements by weight. A child 40-80 pounds can take half an adult dose. A child less than 40 pounds should take a quarter of the adult dose.

Of course, when my children are sick I double the dose in the beginning.

Hope this helps! Amy Ellen

Noel said...

I'm glad he's feeling better!

Andrea Manor said...

I'd be interested to see your opinion on immunizations. Like the flu shot for example. Not sure if I'm willing to let my kids go w/o their recommended shots, but I might be willing to not get the flu shot this year if I thought it would be better.

Amy Ellen said...

Hi Andrea,

I give a few thoughts on flu vaccinations in my post today. Check that out, when you've got the time.

Thanks, Amy Ellen