Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hope for Hopeless Chocomaniacs

There are those who are hard core health nuts. I've been there. I've been religiously meticulous about keeping every potentially harmful delicacy from my mouth. There are two drawbacks to this approach. First, this greatly limits your social circle. Everyone sidesteps having you in their home fearing that they will offend your eating habits. Second, this greatly limits your sphere of influence. I am aware that my previously fanatical choices painted a picture of perfection that caused people to throw in the towel rather than make healthy choices that fit into their lives. Fanaticism can be downright scary. I would rather be an inspiration for other people's health success than a source of overwhelming defeat. That may seem extreme, but I'm speaking from experience. Demonstrating a graceful serenity in making wise choices inspires others where perfectionism inspires fear of failure.

So what does that have to do with chocolate? Well, after my years of absolutes, I can enjoy chocolate for its healthful benefits. I'm not talking about M&Ms or Hersheys (because milk in chocolate can prohibit the absorption of the beneficial antioxidants). But REAL chocolate has its perks. And it tastes good. If you're a chocomaniac like myself... if you're looking to bridge the disconnect between health and decadent chocolate... try these recipes.

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Melanie and Josh said...

and I think it's important for us "chocoholics" to remember, MODERATION! I think dark chocolate is an acquired taste for some, but once you have acquired that taste for it, milk chocolate just doesn't satisfy anymore. :)