Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Can Health Nuts Drink Coffee?

Thank you for participating in my coffee poll! For the record, I fall into the "I drink the standard one to two cups a day" category. I would say one cup, but, technically speaking, a cup of coffee is only 6 ounces. And the mug I drink from (specially designed with a photo collage of my littles) is a 12 ounce cup. Does that mean I drink two cups of coffee a day?

Here is the question of all questions: How can I drink coffee -- with my resolve to be healthy and help others be healthy and all?

And here is my answer: I drink NutriCafe. First, it tastes so totally delish... nothing like your grocery store brands but a whole lot more like a starbucks type brand. Second, it is a low-acid bean so I am not wreaking havoc on my digestive system. Third, it is infused with nutritional extracts that boost immunities and increase stamina. Fourth, it is a bean that contains about 1/2 the caffeine as other brands of coffee.

If you're a coffee drinker, you just have to find out more! Right now, if you buy any four bags of coffee beans, you get a bag of coconut palm sugar free... great way to sweeten your coffee without refined sugar. They've also got a coconut milk powder that seems to be a good solution to the over-processed, fractionated, sugared-up options for creamer out there. I'll tell you if it's good. I plan to order some with my next batch of coffee beans.


Mission Fargo said...

great to hear amy love it, I will start trying these things

Martha said...

I confess, I was the first one who voted in this category; "I need legally addictive stimulants!"

I have my coffee with heavy whipping cream and splenda since I'm on the low-carb diet... but I admit, I think I am drinking too much coffee. I have about 3 (16 oz) cups of coffee a day and perhaps one water bottle every 2 days :| I need to make some changes, fast!

Amy Ellen said...

Thanks for your comment, Martha. I want to encourage you to make the changes you have in mind... but slower than all at once. Making drastic changes really fast can backfire... so take it one step at a time. Add in an extra water every day... and cut out one cup of coffee. Once that is your habit, add in another water and cut out another coffee. Baby steps, right? But keep moving towards your goal. And, give the NutriCafe a try. You'll get the benefits of the nutritional infusions as well. Hope this helps... and keep me in touch with your progress : )