Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Your Questions Answered... Grain Mill and Milk

Sarah commented to ask me two questions. Leave it to technology... but when I clicked to reply back to her comments, my computer opened up 30 of the same windows and I had to shut down in order to get it to stop opening more windows! Sadly, I've lost the comment and questions. But they were so worth answering! I'll have to post my two very brief answers:

What kind of grain mill do I use?
I have a K-Tec grain mill that I bought five years ago. It still works like a dream. But, it is very loud, and so I do my milling in the garage. I have been around Whisper Mills over the years. If I my K-Tec ever dies, I will probably buy a Whisper Mill. You'll laugh at this: before we bought the K-Tec, we had a Corona hand-cranked mill that I anchored to the coffee table with pads to prevent it from denting the wood. It was HARD work, but we had to make do with what we had! When I was pregnant with Spiderman, we finally scraped up the money for an electric mill. We were in grad school... we had to be very, very frugal!

What kind of milk do we drink?
We buy certified raw milk from a dairy nearby us. We have been drinking "real milk" since Rainbow was diagnosed with failure to thrive at her one year check-up (2001). At the time, we were vegans but saw a need for real milk in our lives. Check out www.realmilk.com for more information about raw milk. It has been a desire of mine to blog about why we don't drink homogenized milk... there is so much to blog about! One step at a time, right :)


HappyHermit said...

Thank you for sharing.

Muthering Heights said...

I wish we had a local dairy from which to buy raw milk... what a blessing!

noelle said...

I have the same mill. It is loud but works great! It's not legal to buy raw milk here, and cow shares are just too expensive for our large family. So we drink low temp pastuerized, low homogonized milk. And do lots of kefir and yogurt to get back some of that good stuff.

Tina said...

Thank you for your blog. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts. In the last couple years, I've started learning a lot more about the benefits of grinding your own wheat and other health related things. A little over a year ago, I started grinding my own wheat and we love it!
Thank you also for your sweet comment on my blog. It's great to "meet" you. :)
Like I said, I'm bookmarking your blog and look forward to visiting it more.
In His love,

Sarah said...

Hello again! Thank you so much for answering my questions! I am really enjoying your blog and have already gained a lot of knowledge.

Thank you for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the grain mill recommendation...one of these years, we'll buy one and I think I want the Whisper Mill. :)

We don't drink milk; we use Silk in our cereal and milk only in baking and cooking. We often buy the Organic Valley milk, but also buy a couple of of the more local organic milk (Traders Point Creamery and Farmers...uh, something or another). If we used a ton of milk, we'd probably do a cow share and get raw milk.

Heather @ Not a DIY Life said...

My mom grew up on a dairy farm and they drank raw milk every day. And when I was growing up, we always bought our milk from a local dairy. I always thought it tasted better than the milk you buy at the grocery store!

Charity said...

Amy, I just found your blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wisdom. I live in Jefferson Georgia, and am on the search for health food resources. How do I get more information about the raw milk coop you are a member of? Also, where is your produce basket coop? If you have any other resources, that would be great! Thank you!


Amy Ellen said...

Hi Charity!

Can you email me for GA specifics? My email is ae at healthbeginswithmom dot com.

Thanks! Amy Ellen