Friday, April 16, 2010

What Am I Doing This Afternoon?

  • Researching Adrenal Fatigue -- Hmmm... there is a lot to think about here before I share my thoughts...
  • Soaking up some Vitamin D -- gotta love a warm spring afternoon!
  • Thinking about my 11th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow -- and what special meal I will prepare to celebrate it -- any healthy suggestions?
  • Also thinking about meal plans for next week -- I'll have to grocery shop before breakfast tomorrow morning since the day will be too full.
  • Looking up how to make a gallon of yogurt in a crock pot on a warm setting -- if this works, I'll post a how-to.
  • Planning for my Witzy's fifth birthday next week -- she wants a Castle with a Princess Cake -- I'll take pictures and post a healthy icing idea after the party.
  • Realizing that being out in the sunshine left me quite thirsty -- I love water these days... love the refreshing coolness. I should go get a drink.
  • Realizing that being out in the sun might have left my lips burned... haven't had that happen in a while!
Here is a photo of some early morning bird watching from last year at this time. The kids and I spend lots of time outside in the spring time... birdwatching, flower gazing, insect searching, picnicking... we even do part of school outside!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the sun (and don't forget the SPF lip balm!),


Jean Joiner said...

happiest 11th to you and happy birthday to witzy. camille's 2nd birthday is next friday. oh, and we're expecting #3 too! exciting.

love to you.

Tonya said...


Whoa, grocery shopping before breakfast...your day must be CRAZY busy! I hope you have a great time celebrating one another!


Noel said...

Isn't it wonderful how everything has greened up in the last week or so :) Hope you're feeling well, it seems to take so long bouncing back after a baby. Take care!

Happy Birthday Witzy!!

Julie @ Seeking The Old Paths said...

Hi Amy Ellen~

Just wanted to throw out a resource for your adrenal fatigue research that I have seen lately. Anne Elliot has been posting on this for some time now, and seems to have fairly in-depth articles. And BTW, she is like-minded in thinking regarding diet, which makes her advice easier to implement.

Scroll down to her heading about Health.

I hope this helps your researching!


Amy Ellen said...

Thank you so much for the suggestion, Julie! I will definitely be checking that out tomorrow!

And Congratulations, Jean! I'm so excited for you on #3!!!

:-) ae