Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Bloggy Question For You

Forest Path

In the past I have used AllPosters.Com for free blog images. They had a really nice service going, and I was able to fine some really nice photos for Health Begins With Mom. BUT, apparently their policies have changed. Now only thumbnails are available for public use.

So my question for you is this... What is your source for free blog images? I'd love to know!!! Thank you, in advance, for your help. I hope that I find another really awesome source so that this blog can look nice and colorful again.

Hope you're having a great Thursday,


Milkmaid said...

Hay lady! I'm first!

I like to use flickr. Just do a search for the image you're looking for. Say, "fresh fruit." Once you get the first round of results, click the small "advanced search" link and chose Creative Commons. This will allow only results to show from photographers who don't mind you using their images. Just make sure you credit the source. Also, I've found that photographers love to hear from people who are using their images, so sending a quick thanks for making their art available for public use is always extra nice.

Hope to talk with you soon!

Amy Ellen said...

Thanks Milkmaid!

That sounds really great... I'll have to check it out soon. Thanks also for the details of how to search for the public use photos... that helps : )


Christian Frugal Mama said...

Here's the thing. Flick is open to the public... mostly. There are different levels of licensing on there, so to avoid any confusion I go straight to the flicr attribution license page to search for pictures.

I then click on the picture I like, copy the link location and load it onto blogger. Then on the right side it says "additional info" and "some rights reserved." Click that and you can copy/paste the html code that automatically credits the author. Let me know if you have any questions! :)

Amy Ellen said...

Thanks for the additional info, Janeen!

A Dusty Frame said...

I use morguefile

Teaching Money to Kids said...

I have been a bit frustrated by picture policies, too. There tends to be a bit much in the way of fine print.. I have been tending toward just using my own, but then I don't always have something relavant on hand, so my posts have been a bit bland.
Welcome back, by the way.
We have been enjoying your granola bars in your absence.
But my mother in law was quizing me down about why I was soaking my grains, and if 2/3 cup of water was really enough moisture for soaking anyway (5 cups oats).
I had no answer, except that I was just following the recipe.
Do you have a better way for me to answer?
Staci @

Amy Ellen said...

Hi Staci!

For the answer to why soak, check out this previous post:

When thinking about "soaking" it is a bit different that just "immersing in water." What we're going after is exposing all the oats to the friendly bacteria in the yogurt. The water is just the conduit that carries the working bacteria to the grain so that it can do its job of breaking down the phytates, etc. As the grain sets out at room temperature, the microflora in the yogurt proliferates... it grows in number and feeds more and more on the grain... which is what we're going after... they make the grain more digestible and more nutritious.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for reading, ae