Thursday, November 20, 2008

Upcoming Posts

Yesterday afternoon as I was driving Rainbow to ballet, my children were eating their power snack. I thought, what a great thing... I'll make a weekly recipe entry starting with this very wonderfully healthy treat.

My mind is also swimming with answers to questions like: "Do I really need to take supplements?" and "Are they worth the money?" and "What do I do when my child appears to be coming down with something?"

Then this morning, as I was making yogurt, I got to thinking I that need to write "a novice's guide to making yogurt" AND I need to write a post about the beneficial connection between probiotics and our immune system.

BUT THEN, I got an email question from a friend in South Africa. She had heard me talk about the link between toxic cleaning product fumes and a child's focusing ability. She asked me for any links I could give for further information. I decided to put the answer to her questions on my blog. This way, all of you can benefit from it as well. All the other posts - and more - will come in time. Thank you for returning to this blog often!

And one more thing before I start the hazards of cleaning chemicals post: if you have a question, chances are others are asking it too! So, email me or post your question in a comment. I will gladly take a look at each of them.

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Jean Joiner said...

Hey! Glad to see your blog! Look forward to reading more. I haven't read every post yet, but I'll try to follow when I have time. I'm subscribing to your blog in my google reader now. :) Hope to see you & your kids again sometime soon. Happy Thanksgiving!!