Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Body Burden Quiz

Have you heard about Sloan Barnett's book Green Goes with Everything? It has been on the New York Times bestseller list. In it, she talks about our Body Burden. Interesting thought. As Sloan reports in her book, “Most Americans, and especially children, have dozens of pesticides and other toxic compounds in their bodies, many of them linked to health threats. A source of many of these toxins? Common, everyday, run of the mill household products. Experts call the total amount of chemicals and pollutants that are present in our body at any given time, our “Body Burden”."

While the body burden test run by a medical professional takes a dozen vials of blood and urine, you can take a quick look at what your Body Burden might be by taking the Body Burden Quiz on her website. It may be enlightening. It may help you decide just what your first steps toward a healthier life should be.

And, watch this video. Sloan herself can tell you what this book is all about.

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Dana said...

This will be a great blog of info for my family-I look forward to reading your posts of WISDOM frequently! Dana