Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You've Just Gotta Watch This!!!

I posted the link for this video several months and a few hundred subscribers ago. It is called Toxic Brew, and I consider it a MUST SEE for every woman. I was reminded of it yesterday, but when I went to rewatch it, I noticed that the previous link is broken... so I'm posting it again.

Like I said, this is a MUST SEE. Do not clean your house again before you take the time to watch it!

If, after watching this short news segment, you wonder what non-toxic cleaning products I use, follow this link. I love them so much, I sell them!

To your health,


kristilea said...

It's amazing with all the funding we put into curing diseases and treating health issues, that we can't do something as simple as rewriting laws for awareness labels on chemical cleaners. This could prevent so many health problems before they need to be treated or cured. I mean these are things that people use every day all day without even knowing that they can be harmful. People honestly think they are doing the right things by their families and children when in fact, they are doing them more harm than good. I truly believe if people knew the dangers, they would not use the products.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I used to be obsessed with by "no work" cleaning products. A friend of mine opened my eyes to the dangers store bought household cleaners. She recommended a book called, "Clean House, Clean Planet" and it has changed my cleaning dramatically. Not only are homemade cleaning products easy to make, they are really inexpensive. I've posted a few natural cleaning tips on my blog. What a God-send that book has been to me. Very interesting video. Thanks for helping to get the word out about the dangers of traditional cleaning products.

God Bless,

Kathryn said...

I really appreciate your posting this.

Sometimes it seems moms with sick kids get kind of crazy about cleaning & sometimes that is the worst thing that can be done.

I've not had any of these things in my house for about 3 years now. (Well, i do have a bottle of bleach i use on rare occasion.) Everything is done with vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, & baking soda.

I'll see if i can get this posted at Hawkes' Health (http://www.hawkeshealth.net/community/index.php). Such a good report to share with folks who have no idea about the dangers of these cleaners.

Andrea Manor said...

I've used "Clean House Clean Planet" for about 4 years also. What about bleach, though? What do you use to clean when, for example, your little one's poopy diaper leeks all over the high chair, or your potty training and pee and poop get everywhere. Or after fixing a chicken (salmonella). I've kept some bleach for those purposes. Any dangers in that? I've seen Chlorine free bleach, don't know how that's better/different. Any suggestions?

Amy Ellen said...

Hi Andrea,

For those very germy things like raw chicken and shower mold, I use Basic G. It is a concentrated Germicide made by Shaklee... very, very cost effective... just like the Basic H -- all purpose cleaner. Basic G kills all the pathogens that bleach does without all the health hazards. In its proper dilution, it is not a dangerous inhalant or skin hazard. However, it is a germicide, so by nature it is considered a health hazard if swallowed and it must carry a warning label as such. Here is the link to cut/paste:


Hope this helps! Amy Ellen

Christian Frugal Mama said...

Wow. Thanks for the info! I was looking for safe mold removers and this one looks promising. Any thoughts? http://www.concrobium.com/

Amy Ellen said...

Hi Janeen,

I looked up the Concrobium product. It seems really simple... smother the mold by covering it with an impermeable layer. I just couldn't find what it was made of.

If I were going to use it, I would look up the MSDS sheets on it... all cleaning products have to file these with governing agencies... but usually only the products which are truly not horrendously harmful will make theirs public.

Hope this helps! ae

Christian Frugal Mama said...

Thanks! I looked it up and it said all the health hazard ratings were zero and it went through and said no harmful stuff. Inorganic salts and purified water. I'm so excited to finally find something that seems decent! I bought a gallon of it to attack our house with. Hope it works...

By the way, for your readers: I was talking to a woman who hired a mold specialist. They actually told her that bleach doesn't even kill the mold, just take the color out of it. Just thought they might want to know it's hazardous AND doesn't work! :)

Amy Ellen said...

Hi Again Janeen,

Thank You so much for sharing this info with me and my readers! I appreciate you coming back to report what you found.

I hope that it makes a difference in your home and for your husband's breathing.

Love and peace, Amy Ellen